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Bestregarts sells and rents art (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video), conceives exhibitions, organises cultural events, consults art collectors and such wanting to establish art collections. The art consulting is concentrating on young German and Eastern European artists, emphasizing young and well-established Polish art. An international curator's team organises on 600 square metres, in the 14-th floor, in the middle of the Frankfurt bank quarter, from four to five spots in the year thematically referring group exhibitions. The focus is on different topics and a selection of young and internationally recognized artists who work with media like photography, installation and painting. Constant cooperation's with other art institutions, galleries, collectors and sponsors enabled e.g. the establishment of a center for young Polish art. Bestregarts is a private exhibition space managed by curator and collector Ewa Nowik. Enhancing the cooperation between art, economy and curators but also the support and positioning of the young artist generation and East European art is the goal in the long term.



Der Ausstellungsraum bestregarts wurde zum 31.12.2016 geschlossen.

Wir danken unseren Künstlern, Kunden und Unterstützern für eine erfolgreiche, spannende und lerhrreiche Zeit!

Ewa Nowik
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